Helping Hands

While I was mostly working at different medical clinics during my time in Cusco, I did have the occasional opportunity to check out some other volunteer organizations in the area, and learn about their different causes.  One of those organization, Helping Hands, is run by a local couple whose main purpose is to improve their impoverished community, whether by means of health care, construction, education, nourishment – whatever the issue, Helping Hands is looking to resolve it.  I actually met the founder of Helping Hands while playing soccer at a local pick-up game, and he invited me to come help him for a day to work on one of his many projects.  While the organization is involved in many different projects and campaigns throughout the year, this particular project (see pics below), was part of an ongoing construction project to build a local school for small children.

For many travelers in the area, Helping Hands is a a great option to do some volunteer work, because the organization is able to provide some subsidized housing in exchange for work.

Before we started – trying to add on a second floor to this unit.  Not sure if this structure would meet strict building codes, but it’ll make due.

Loading up all the materials we needed for the day…

…and then climbing on up….

Trying to make the right adjustments for some of the wooden pieces.


…and more nailing….lots of nailing.

And the final product after a full-day’s work….still not quite finished, but another step closer to completion.

Thanks again to Mario and the other volunteers at Helping Hands who allowed me to participate in their work and mission.  For more information about Helping Hands, and how to get involved, please check out:


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